Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon

Denver Barber Shop

Why The TraditionalMen’s Barber Shop Should Become Your Weekly Port of Call

A properly trained barber understands how to use clippers, clippers being the key tool for cutting men’s hair. On the other hand, a cosmetologist is trained in using scissors; a cosmetologist understands how to take care of women. The cosmetologist is expert in coloring hair, in perming hair and in styling hair – all of which the vast majority of men have no interest in. A good barber is able to employ his clippers with a high level of finesse.

A good barber’s shop such as the old school barber shop in Denver
, is an excellent place to chew over the fat along with other guys. What’s more, barbers tend to be very interesting men that enjoy sharing a story or two with their customers. And when you think about it, where do men go these days simply to talk with other men within the local community? Certainly not to a coffee shop. At coffee shops, people who sit alone have a great tendency for minding their own business. Really, if you have a desire for placing your thumb atop the pulse of your community’s or city’s local life, then you need to get yourself into a barbershop.

At a men’s barbershop, you’ll get a terrific shave. At a good barbershop, you can have a traditional razor shave – a razor that comes with merely a single blade, as opposed to a razor with 3, 4 or even 5 blades. Your barber may well wrap a hot towel around your face, after which, he’ll likely massage your skin with a particular cream as a way of cleaning out the pores. By this point in time, you’ll be feeling nicely relaxed.

Next, and your barber will brush a lather into your stubble or beard – a lather that smells of “man” rather than the artificial stuff that is available for purchase in a can. Your barber will then “scrape” off your stubble or beard, giving you the closest and probably the best shave that you’ve ever experienced.

To finish your shaving experience off, you’ll likely be treated to a finalizing face massage whereby your barber will use a soothing vanishing cream. When you first set foot outside your barbershop, you’ll feel like a man that’s truly revived – a man that’s ready to deal with the world on a fresh footing and on your own terms.

The fact is, when you go to the barbershop, you’ll come away feeling manlier. You don’t have to fully understand why that is – just enjoy the experience – just feel good about yourself.

True men’s barbershops are places whereby continuity exists. Barbershops do not undergo change when there is a shift in local culture, which does happen so often these days. True barbershops still look the same as they did when your dad used to go there as a boy to have his hair cut. A true men’s barbershop offers a straightforward experience devoid of the unnecessary accoutrements you tend to find in a salon – accoutrements that are rife in this modern age.

old school barber shop denver



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